Sentence-by-Sentence Thru 2John

by Dr. Gerard Cotter D.D

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This book was completed in 3-2017. The Teaching document is also included. This is part of a series where each book references others in the series because true Biblical doctrines are the same across the Bible. This book is titled Sentence-by-sentence because it follows God’s way to interpret the Bible. This is explained on my web site of ljc1611kjv. To the best of my ability to find and the best of the ability of several hundred preachers’ ability to find, this book is part of the only place in the word which deals with every sentence, every verse, every phrase, every punctuation mark and every doctrinally significant word in all of the epistles in all of the epistles. More of the Bible than the epistles are also covered, but no other Bible book has been covered from beginning to end, yet. This book provides evidence that there are NO ‘problem verses’ in the Bible and NO conflicts with the interpretation of any other places in the Bible if the interpretation is done with God’s “perfect Word” (1611 KJV in English) and using God’s “way”. There is a true saying that there are many applications of passages in the Bible but only one correct interpretation. While most books written about the Bible give applications, this book provides the interpretation of God’s “perfect Word” using God’s “way”. It also provides additional study aids for the Bible student. This book provides every sentence in this epistle outlined according to punctuation. Then the Biblical definition of each significant word (including words like “ye” and “in”) was determined using the Biblical method for a Word Study. Each sentence note will have the word study, or a link to where the word study is within this book, for all significant words within the sentence. This book was designed to be read from start to end, or used as a reference book, or any combination of either option. The links, found within this book, allow the reader to quickly go to a particular part of a book, which makes it easy to use as a reference book. The section called Teaching has the book summary, chapter summaries, sentence summaries, 10 questions-and-answers per chapter designed to teach the epistle doctrine, and other things which have less detail and make a text book for teaching this epistle. Since it is based upon this detailed Study, the teacher can be assured of having all of the support required in order to answer any question which is asked about this epistle. However, the teacher does not need to dig through all of the detail in order to create a class text. For navigation, within this book, the Table of Contents has a link to every chapter in the Book Study and to the major divisions within the Lord Jesus Christ Study and significant Word Studies are included. The Start of the Book Study also has chapter links. At the start of every Chapter are links to every sentence with the verse numbers also supplied so that the reader can use either verse or sentence ID to access the note. This also provides a cross-reference between the verse ID and the sentence ID. Finally, at the end of every note are links to return to the start of the Study or to the start of the chapter.

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Sentence-by-Sentence Thru 2John Dr. Gerard Cotter D.D
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